This is a Quora question on connections a distributor has made with retailers that I was asked.  My answer is as follows.

That will depend.

For fragmented retail channels where there are many retailers, you usually use a particular distributor because of their connections and logistical pathways to retailers. In these channels, it is easier to sell a distributor who can sell to many retailers for you than trying to sell each small retailer. In this case, unless you find another distributor that sells to the same retailers, you will lose sales from those retailers.

Or, a retailer you have sold to might direct you to use a particular distributor because of the logistics setup between the retailer and the distributor. In this case, your relationship with the retailer may make it easier to replace the distributor.

Alternatively, if you have a good brand reputation with consumers, great products and strong sell through at retail, the retailers may be more likely to want to keep you and will make efforts to find other distributors or contract with you directly to sell your products. This is the best position for you if you need to switch distributors.