Token Technology/Web3 For Consumer Brands


Tokens are an emerging technology paradigm with far reaching potential to make the Internet better, in more ways than we can count. The token technology paradigm is generally referred to as web3, which follows web2, the current predominant state of our internet that has existed since the early 2000’s.

The token’s genesis came through open cryptocurrency-based blockchains, but is now decoupling due to these platform’s limitations that are holding back the growth and use of tokens. Using blockchain and cryptocurrency is not required for using token technology.

I am developing a new company called iNDX that is a token technology platform for the outdoor and active lifestyle industry and the url ( currently forwards to this page.

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  • Token Technology & iNDX Overview
  • Token Tech/Web3 For Consumer Brands Roadmap

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Token Tech/Web3 For Consumer Brands Roadmap


This section includes tools for token technology in context of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

I built this section to help me learn token tech/web3 in context of using public blockchains and cryptocurrency, but when I realized the significant limitations as well as the massive and needless complexity of using public blockchains and cryptocurrency, I shifted my focus for iNDX to use much more appropriate technologies and the U.S. dollar as the economic settlement layer for a token management platform.

While I am not building iNDX using blockchain or cryptocurrency, the roadmap below is still relevant for companies that want to deploy web3/token technology using existing public blockchains and cryptocurrency. While many of the tools below are specific to blockchain/crypto, a few are very relevant for any web3/token tech deployment.


The tools below are Google docs organized according to a roadmap displayed in a dataset that pulls from my backend operations database. The tools highlighted in red are initial token tech/web3 educational tools. The roadmap outlines the items within operational areas that a consumer brand may need to think about, research and do in order to add web3 to their operations.

Roadmap Organization

Entries in the embedded dataset below are grouped by company operations into the following categories, in this order:

  1. Web3 Core Education
  2. Strategy
  3. Systems
  4. Product Development
  5. Finance
  6. Production & Logistics
  7. Marketing
  8. Sales/Resellers
  9. Support
  10. Web3 Enhancing Technologies.

Some entries are best to view in sequence and an ordering field is used to do that.

Amber fields indicate datasets.

Not all tools are published for public view.

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