I am a LEADING-EDGE TECHNOLOGIST, BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATOR and EXPONENTIAL GROWTH STRATEGIST working predominantly in the DTC/B2C/B2B2C/consumer product industry.

As an ENTREPRENEUR/CXO, I’ve sold 1, built 6 and crashed 2 companies.

As an INVESTOR, I work across all sectors, industries and asset classes.



  • PURSUITS:  active with cycling, dogs, hiking, overlanding, photography/videography, shooting sports (archery and firearms), rock climbing/bouldering, skiing (uphill, downhill, XC, Biathlon) and weightlifting.
  • FARMING.  I live on a farm in Colorado with my wife and dogs where we grow using regenerative agriculture.
  • HEALTH & WELLNESS.  In my teens and twenties, I was a national level competitor in triathlons and biathlons (skiing and shooting) and a Cat 3 road bike racer. I struggled in the following decades with unknown chronic health issues that required me to give up most of my activities and largely “retire” from work in my 40’s, but through advancing science + my relentless research + trial and error, I was able to fix my health, unretire from work and add back all of the outdoor activities that I love to do. I used the Functional Medicine Framework to help me regain my health.


Key sections of my website:

  • INSPIRATION & WISDOM. Quotes that have inspired me.
  • FUTURE MAP FOR CONSUMER BRANDS. I research and publish forward guidance on business cycles, exponential technologies, emerging business models and consumer shifts for DTC/B2C/B2B2C/consumer brands.
  • DTC STARTUP ROADMAP FOR DTC/B2C/B2B2C/consumer brand startups. I use cost-effective methods that can lead to more sales – faster – and can make a company and its products more appealing to consumers, resellers and investors with less risk.
  • TOKEN TECH/WEB3 FOR CONSUMER BRANDS. Tools to help brands understand this emerging technology paradigm and use cases to help them think about using tokens to create new products/services, engage in new ways to market, distribute and sell more cost-effectively and help reduce global resource depletion and carbon footprint.
  • ALEXANDRIA PROJECT.  This document is a guide I assembled to help us realize the goal of creating artificial intelligent (AI) personal assistants to massively increase our productivity.
  • INVESTING PROCESS AND TOOLS. This page covers my process for investing in early-stage startups, VC/PE/Pre-IPO and public opportunities.
  • BIBLE & COMMERCE. I want to learn what the Bible teaches about developing, growing and running a business and publish tools based on my research and experiences.
  • GEOEARTH PROJECT.  I’ve combined my love of the outdoors, gear, data, technology and maps to create tools I use to play in and explore the outdoors.
  • OVERLANDING.  What we did with a Ford van to convert for overlanding use.
  • MY CV/RESUME. Check the EDUCATION section for key things I have learned over the years that have helped me.
  • MEDIA AND ART. Includes images and video taken by my wife and I around our passions for the outdoors and dogs and art created using generative artificial intelligence.

Search my sitemap to see a list of all my content. 

Other Content

THE LIGHT OF DOG.  This link goes off my website to a consumer brand I co-own and operate with my wife and includes an extensive knowledgebase with text, video, infographics and other tools to help dog owners positively impact the lives of their pets.