I am a leading-edge technologist working predominantly in the DTC/B2C/B2B2C/consumer product industry.

As an ENTREPRENEUR/CXO, I’ve sold 1, built 6 and crashed 2 companies.

As an INVESTOR, I work across all sectors, industries and asset classes.


  • CO-OWN a company in the pet category.
  • CO-OWN a company in telecom tower leasing and edge computing.
  • INCUBATE, DEVELOP, LAUNCH AND GROW ideas, products and companies, mostly in the DTC/B2C/B2B2C/consumer products industry:
    • See here for a fiat-based blockchain project I am currently incubating that helps the consumer product industry realize the full potential of web3.
    • See here for a knowledgeshare platform for consumer product industry professionals and provide feedback on its direction.
  • FUTURIST:  I research and understand technology trends in the context of cultural, societal, and geopolitical factors to gain clarity about the future and position for success. I publish forward guidance,  predictions and action plans for the consumer product industry, speak at events and consult.
  • BUILD and PUBLISH methodologies, processes, tools, spreadsheets, diagrams, resource lists, research, data and software to help me in my own projects, and which I make available to help other startups and established consumer product companies. See my web2 consumer brand startup framework and my web3 for consumer brands roadmap.
  • INVEST across all sectors, industries and asset classes, with a focus on ideas and prospects in the DTC/B2C/B2B2C/consumer brands sector.



  • PURSUITS:  active with cycling, dogs, hiking, overlanding, photography/videography, shooting sports (archery and firearms), rock climbing/bouldering, skiing (uphill, downhill and XC) and weightlifting.
  • FARMING.  I live on a farm in Colorado with my wife and dogs where we grow using regenerative agriculture.


Key sections of my website:

  • INSPIRATION & WISDOM. Quotes that have inspired me.
  • FUTURE MAP FOR CONSUMER BRANDS. A slideshare and toolset that explores the key trends and technologies driving our upcoming 2025-2045 massively transformative era and equips consumer brands with knowledge and strategies they need to succeed.
  • DTC STARTUP ROADMAP FOR DTC/B2C/B2B2C/consumer brand startups. I use cost-effective methods that can lead to more sales – faster – and can make a company and its products more appealing to consumers, resellers and investors with less risk.
  • WEB3 FOR CONSUMER BRANDS. Tools to help prepare for, transition into and operate in web3 through product strategies that drive new revenue and extend brand awareness.
  • ALEXANDRIA PROJECT.  This document is a guide I assembled to help us realize the goal of creating artificial intelligent (AI) personal assistants to massively increase our productivity.
  • INVESTING PROCESS AND TOOLS. This page covers my process for investing in early-stage startups, VC/PE/Pre-IPO and public opportunities.
  • BIBLE & COMMERCE. I want to learn what the Bible teaches about developing, growing and running a business and publish tools based on my research and experiences.
  • GEOEARTH PROJECT.  I’ve combined my love of the outdoors, gear, data, technology and maps to create tools I use to play in and explore the outdoors.
  • OVERLANDING.  What we did with a Ford van to convert for overlanding use.
  • MY CV/RESUME. Check the EDUCATION section for key things I have learned over the years that have helped me.
  • MEDIA AND ART. Over the years, my wife and I have taken images and video of our passions for the outdoors and dogs, and more recently, I have been creating art using generative artificial intelligence.

Search my sitemap to see a list of all my content. 

Content & Tool Updates

I post regular updates to my content and tools on LinkedIn and Twitter.  See all past posts rolled up into this dataset.  I send emails quarterly to subscribers. Subscribe below.

Other Content

THE LIGHT OF DOG.  This link goes off my website to a consumer brand I co-own and operate with my wife and includes an extensive knowledgebase with text, video, infographics and other tools to help dog owners positively impact the lives of their pets.