This page is for B2C/B2B2C startups and companies and consumer brands who want to understand, strategically position for, and tactically operate in Web3.

I am a long-term practitioner building and operating companies in the B2C/B2B2C space. Consistent with how I have built my website in the past (click to see my toolsets for B2C/B2B2C startups, my investment process, and the GeoEarth Project) this is the landing page that contains content, methodologies, processes, tools, spreadsheets, diagrams, resource lists, research, data and software to help people like me operate in Web3.

I have been in blockchain since 2017, mostly as an investor, but with the Web3 era that dawned in 2020, I turned my attention in learning how to operate in this space as a consumer brand practitioner.  I still invest but I love to operate by developing, launching and growing companies.

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This section of my website is new in 2022, and it will take me time to build out the tools, as I learn by doing, and document what I learn so I can remember how I did it and for others to benefit as well.

All of the core content from each subject area is maintained in Google Docs.  I embed each section doc in the appropriate page of the Framework so that they can be accessed by any user on any browser. I use Google docs because it is far more efficient to maintain and track content rather than using the website content manager.

Please review the embedded doc in my Startup Roadmap page to understand how I color code items for organization.

I work with these tools in my own businesses and am adding, changing and updating them to stay current.  I log those changes in the changelog, which is a filtered view of entries to the updates page.

Web 3 For Consumer Brands Toolset

To maintain consistency, I am adopting the same structure for grouping tools as I do for my Startup Roadmap section.



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