I have created this section on my website to help DTC/B2C/B2B2C/consumer brands understand, strategically position for, and tactically operate in Web3.

My mode of operation for learning and doing is to write what I learn and create tools that I can use. I publish my content and tools so that hopefully others can benefit.

My journey in blockchain started in 2017. For web3, it started in 2021, but with specific emphasis on answering the following for DTC/B2C/B2B2C/consumer brands:

  1. How to filter out the hype and inflated expectations to understand this new paradigm and its benefits;
  2. How to drive new revenue using web3;
  3. How to strengthen relationships with customers using web3;
  4. How to operate cost-effectively in web3, with emphasis on revenue and costs in context of a strong ROAS (return on ad spend).

Suggested Action Plan

  1. Understand web3 for consumer brands via the published tools below. In a short time, you will quickly get up to speed and understand strategically what you may need to do to transition into it (and also potentially be metaverse-ready).
  2. Please give me feedback and questions via the sidebar forms so I can improve my content. I am deep in web3 and feel I understand it very well but that may not be reflected in my content or tools. Help me crowdsource my content to improve it.
  3. Subscribe to my personal email list from the page footer to get notifications about new content and tools. I don’t use it for any other purpose and usually only send out emails every 1-2 months.
  4. Please give me feedback about your interest in a knowledgebase platform on web3 for consumer brands, which is profiled below.


Additions and changes to my web3 tools are logged here.


I have been cultivating my content sources since 2017 when I first started paying attention to blockchain, which includes:

  • Primary contacts (strategists, marketers, technologists, etc);
  • Private online discussion groups;
  • Vendors developing product and services;
  • Investors;
  • and, secondary market research sources via free and paid subscriptions.

The above tells me rather comprehensively who is doing what, how and why with respect to web3 and consumer brands. I track and organize all that information via the following tools and datasets published on my website.


Core Education

If you are new to web3 for consumer brands or this is your first time here, I created the following tools to educate about web3:

Core Tools

I have the following tools to help brands create products/services, deploy them and operate in web3:

From here,  additional core tools will focus a consumer brand on a web3 Phygital/Digital Twins + Secondary Market Revenue product strategy.  If you review the previous documents above, you will see how I conclude that this product strategy offers the best potential for creating meaningful new revenue and brand awareness.

  • Web3 Strategy For Consumer Brands: Part 2 – This document is a framework for thinking about how web3 fits within the context of a consumer brand’s four existing operational silos (product, production & logistics, marketing, distribution), and the major new processes, tools, and activities to integrate for web3.

These additional tools will be published here when I get further along with them. They will be grouped by the following:

  • Product Development
  • Finance
  • Production & Logistics
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Support

I am following the same format for grouping tools here that I use in my Startup Roadmap and Resource Set.


I embed datasets from my market intelligence database that I use to track news and developments in web3 for consumer brands, in areas including: strategy, systems/technology, product development, finance, production & logistics, marketing/sales and support (human resources, insurance, regulatory, legal and other miscellaneous items).

I use this data to help me construct and maintain my tools and apply filters and logic to help surface other interesting information. Useful filtered datasets include the following:

  • Web3 Consumer Brands – All Data – this dataset contains all entries about consumer brand web3 activities. It is searchable by keyword and I have exposed some fields to allow for filtering of the data.
  • Web3 Report By Consumer Brand – this report lists consumer brands in my database and clicking through opens a table with their database entries.
  • Web3 Blockchain Use – this dataset is a filter by blockchain, which helps to see the blockchains that brands are using. It will also contain any other market intelligence I enter with respect to that blockchain.
  • Web3 Consumer Brand Case Studies – this dataset is a filter for case studies about successes and failures with respect to web3 implementations for consumer brands, and any key learnings.

Knowledgebase Platform

The Problem/Need

The problem I see is that web3 is new, emerging and without established operating best practices. As a result, it is risky:

  • in terms of time spent understanding and using it that could be wasted;
  • and, money spent on the wrong strategies, platforms, consultants and vendors.

And ignoring it is no longer an option because web3 has reached initial tipping points towards mass market adoption.

But the solution I see right now is that each consumer brand has to take on these risks in duplicate efforts siloed in each company, spending a lot, making a lot of mistakes, figuring it out as they go, and hoping somehow they find the right path that gives a positive ROI within a reasonable payback period.

That is exactly what big brands are doing now, but they can afford it.

Smaller brands like me cannot. I have already spent hundreds of hours on this and when I feel like I have a strategy, the landscape changes again or I learn something new, which causes me to take steps backwards and start again.

What if a company could significantly reduce the risk in time and money spent in web3 + be orders of magnitude smarter about web3 than they could ever on their own?

The Solution

An online knowledgebase platform for consumer brands with operating best practices on web3:

  1. Whose members are the consumer brands…
  2. that collaborate and crowdsource using a specific framework and process I developed that directs, facilitates and curates information…
  3. into knowledge and tools that brands can use to understand, strategically position for, and tactically operate in Web3…
  4. at a fraction of the time and cost that each would spend on their own..
  5. plus, be orders of magnitude smarter about web3 because the knowledge and tools is crowdsourced from many people, not just one or a few.

The current path:  spend 100+ hours and 100x the money to understand, strategically position for and deploy web3, and hope you are right

The new path:  spend 10 hours and 1x the money along with 100+ other people who are doing the same, plus end up with a smarter solution because it was crowdsourced using 100+ different brains, not 1.

Is This of Interest To You?

If you are interested in this, please let me know.  This platform is limited to individuals who have responsibilities with web3 for their consumer product company. Please record your interest from this form.

Admin Items

I publish my tools in Google Docs and embed in my website pages. I use Google docs because it is far more efficient to maintain and track content rather than using the website content manager. See document structure here.

Email Updates

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My content comes from my own decades of work developing, launching and growing companies and takes time to create and publish.

I do not charge for my content but do have a request.

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