I have created this section on my website to help B2C/B2B2C/consumer brands understand, strategically position for, and tactically operate in Web3.


I have cultivated and curated primary and secondary market research sources – contacts, vendors, web3 marketing Discord groups, paid subscriptions, and news sources –  that tells me rather comprehensively who is doing what, how and why with respect to web3 and consumer brands. I track and organize all that information via the following tools and datasets published on my website.

Core Education

If you are new to web3 for consumer brands or this is your first time here, I created the following tools so we as consumer brand operators get on the same page about what is web3:

  • What is web3 and why it is important for consumer brands.
  • Web3 Wallets – web3 wallets 101, because web3 is really about user wallets.
  • Web3 NFTs – basics on NFTs and their uses and what problems they solve.


Armed with exactly what is web3 from the education content, brands can use the following tools to create products/services:

  • Strategy – high level overview of the areas in which to create products/services using web3.
  • Product Development – specific product ideas and examples.

Similar to what I have done in my Startup Roadmap page,  in the future I hope to publish more tools to help brands operate in this space.


I embed datasets from my market intelligence database that I use to track news and developments in web3 for consumer brands, in areas including: strategy, systems/technology, product development, finance, production & logistics, marketing/sales and support (human resources, insurance, regulatory, legal and other miscellaneous items).  I use this data to help me construct and maintain my tools and apply filters and logic to help surface other interesting information.

Email Updates

I send emails with updates to my content and tools, and highlight notable news and developments on web3 for consumer brands.


If you are a consumer brand that sells B2C or B2B2C, contact me using the form below and I will give you access.  I want to restrict access to consumer brand operators.

Web3 For Consumer Brands Contact Form

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