GeoEarth Project

I’ve combined my love of the outdoors, gear, data, technology and maps to create tools I use to that let me, my family and our dogs play in and explore the outdoors.

Geo Database

I use a database as the nerve center to hep manage data and track my travel and outdoor activities.

In it I track trips and places I visit or want to visit, gear I use, rules to help me maximize my enjoyment of travel and outdoor activities, trip items checklists,  events like hikes or ski days, secret tips and tricks for specific location, and bucketlist items I want to do in my lifetime.  Some of my datasets from this database I have published below.

Places Dataset.  Over the decades I have collected books, files, maps and articles on places to visit and things to do in the outdoors.  I have organized it all into a dataset to give it structure so that I can sort, filter and analyze it and map as needed.  I add new places as I learn about them.

  • Places Map. Map output below with entries added to date.
  • Places Data Object. Data in a table format opens in new page.

Bucket Lists Dataset. Many places are on my bucket list to visit.  I have created datasets that help me set goals and track progress.

  • Colorado Ski Areas. On my bucket list is to downhill, uphill/backcountry and XC ski at each area in the state. This link opens the dataset in a new page.

If you cannot scroll down to the bottom of the page (where you see the footer), click here to open the datasets in a clean HTML page. 

To scroll horizontally, click in any cell and use keyboard arrow keys.

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Places Map

Click the red dot on the map and then click direction to open Google Maps with directions.

Click View in a listing to see all dataset entries associated with the listing.