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I am a futurist where I research, curate and publish forward guidance about what will happen.

As an entrepreneur developing, growing and operating companies, it is easy to stay focused on the details and miss the larger macro developments that can hurt a company or result in missed opportunities.

This has happened to me multiple times, so in 2017 I started to research and curate insights into what will happen in the future.  Since then, groundbreaking research has emerged from pioneering futurists and other subject-matter experts that has given us unmatched insight into the unfolding tapestry of the future, thereby allowing us to position ourselves and our businesses to survive and thrive.  I began publishing my work and speaking at events in 2023.

We are currently in the final gasps of the “Old Normal” that has existed since 1945 along with its antiquated systems and structures.

We face a challenging transition I call “The Reckoning,” a period of profound restructuring and economic readjustment not seen since the 1930s Great Depression and WWII.

After this lies the “Resurgence” and “New Normal” in the 2030s and beyond, a period with great potential for growth and prosperity in the U.S.

How To Future-Proof

My goal is to help DTC/B2C/B2B2C/consumer brands transition from the Old Normal, through The Reckoning and into the New Normal.

To defy an uncertain destiny, not just survive but dominate through The Reckoning and future-proof their operations, I offer the following.

1. Start future-proofing right now

We’re all experiencing the stresses of an uncertain future that seem to be compounding on each other with no end in sight. How does all this play out? When can we return to a sense of normal where we can rest in greater certainty about our futures with much less fear?

I try to answer these questions through a significant body of work I’ve published that contains a treasure trove of revelations along with a roadmap for how we can navigate the future.

Start future-proofing your company immediately with the open source docs published further down this page.

2. Forget crystal balls – the future’s a team effort!

Let’s tap into the collective wisdom of the consumer product industry. By exploring our perspectives on existential threats, lagging areas, industry heroes, and magical improvements, we can all gain valuable insights and level up our game.

To accomplish this, I have a survey for consumer product industry practitioners. This project is new for 2024.  As I get enough responses, I will aggregate, analyze, comment on and publish results. Results are posted via a link in the survey confirmation response.

The survey takes 5-minutes and is anonymous. The questions are:

  • What is the biggest existential threat to your organization? What keeps you up at night?
  • What area(s) of the organization does it feel it is behind and why?
  • What other organizations do you admire, model and hope to emulate and why?
  • If you had a magic wand, what would you change about the organization and why?
  • If you had a magic wand, what would you change about the industry and why?
  • What are the one or two things about the industry that no one talks about but should?
  • What advice would you give to other consumer product industry professionals?

Please complete it from this link.

3. I can enthrall and motivate your audience about the future

Do you run a conference or lead a business group/association? Book me, an experienced speaker with a knack for bringing my futurist work to life that inspires and imparts optimism and positivity.

For those of us who live and work in the U.S. and for those that may not live here but still sell products in the U.S. market, this country is uniquely positioned with tremendous assets and capabilities to navigate the future.  An overarching goal through my futurist work is to help people see the abundance we possess and empower them with confidence for the future. I believe this nation can thoroughly conquer The Reckoning, soar in the New Normal and extend our successes to help the rest of the world.

4. Subscribe for more content and one-on-one access

Additional content and tools

I go deeper with subscribers and create content and tools to help answer questions, like:

  • What products to develop that will be successful and which to avoid;
  • The markets, whether domestic and foreign, and distribution channels to focus on and which ones to avoid;
  • What sustainable technologies and practices to adopt;
  • How business models are changing and which new ones to adopt;
  • Where to locate manufacturing in a deglobalizing world, optimized for labor/automation, government regs, access to resources, proximity to customers and risk management;
  • What are the Achilles heels, “unknown unknowns” and deep, hidden risks that make a company fragile;
  • What are future government policies (regulations and taxation) and how to prepare for them;
  • What are major consumer shifts that could upend brands and how to prevent this disruption;
  • Which brands are already on the New Normal track that we should model and emulate and why.

Changelog and information dataset

I use a database where I post all future map content changes and additions.  It contains all the raw content that I come across which gets integrated into my slideshares, articles and tools. Subscribers have access and can perform deep searches.

Zoom calls for one-on-one

My published work can be overwhelming. Schedule Zoom calls with me, where through a one-on-one IRL interaction, I can help focus your company and make sure you do not miss important guidance that is published in my work.

Purchase a Future Map annual access license using the link below.  You will be prompted on checkout to create login credentials.

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5. Let me unleash your company’s full potential

Engage me as a consultant where I can help co-create competitively defensible, disruption-proof strategies that equip your business to thrive in the years ahead.

I have significant experience developing, launching and growing DTC/B2C/B2B2C/consumer brands, especially in context as leading-edge technologist and business model innovator.

In addition, my futurist work has opened up opportunities for me to travel in many circles – not just across consumer product segments – but across society, culture, economics/financial markets, politics/geopolitics and the environment/sustainability.

I can leverage my deep operating experience along with my strong macro-view perspective to help you position your business to get through The Reckoning and flourish in the New Normal.

Questions and Feedback

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Published Documents

I group my futurist content into four areas: upcoming business cycles, exponential technologies, emerging business models and consumer shifts.  Content published below includes:

  • Upcoming Business Cycles:  to understand the future and what we can expect,  start with this slideshare.  I dive deep into the The Reckoning and Resurgence periods and how they will play out.
  • Exponential Technologies & Emerging Business Models: I grouped these two together because new technologies tend to drive new business models.
  • Consumer shifts: they are not the same as trends, which when identified are already here. Consumer shifts are bigger and can run many years, if not decades. I avoid covering trends because they emerge and fade quickly, making it nearly futile to strategically position oneself to capitalize on them.
  • Outdoor and Active Lifestyle Industry 10-Year Outlook: this slideshare reveals what the industry should expect through The Reckoning period.
  • New Normal For Consumer Brands:  this slideshare provides a roadmap to help brands transition away from the “Old Normal” we have now that is no longer working and dying, through the The Reckoning, and into the New Normal for the 2030’s and beyond. This slideshare is tailored to the outdoor and active lifestyle industry, but much of what is published here can also work for other consumer product categories.

I have licensed the content on this page under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. which allows anyone to freely share, adapt, and build upon my creative work as long as they credit me, the creator, and share any changes they make under the same license.

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