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I am a futurist where I research and publish forward guidance for DTC/B2C/B2B2C/consumer brands, speak at conferences and help consumer brands future-proof.

As an entrepreneur developing, launch, growing and operating companies, it is easy to stay focused on the details and miss the larger macro developments that can hurt a company or result in missed opportunities.

This has happened to me several times, so in 2017 I started doing my own research to help me make predictions 3-10 years in advance so that I can position myself accordingly.

Since then, I have refined my work through futurist sources that I read and follow, relationships I’ve made with practicioners, and tools and methodologies I created.  My work is not just researching my industry, but also society, culture, economics, politics, geopolitics and the environment.

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Admin Items

I publish my tools in Google Docs and embed in my website pages. I use Google docs because it is far more efficient to maintain and track content rather than using the website content manager. See document structure here.

Content & Tool Updates

I post regular updates to my content and tools on LinkedIn and X.  See all past posts rolled up into this dataset.  I send emails to subscribers with content and tool updates. Subscribe below.

Future-Proof Consumer Brands

My goal is to help brands future-proof themselves against the massive changes occurring across society, culture, economics, politics, geopolitics and the environment.

Here is how I help:

  1. Use my public content on this page, which I maintain and keep updated as new information comes across my desk;
  2. Invite me to speak at your corporate event/annual gathering about the future to help your company think about and plan for it;
  3. I can facilitate strategic planning about the future for your company. Contact me for further help.

Page Outline

  • Upcoming Business Cycles: review this slideshare first because the business cycle is a major driver of everything else;
  • Exponential Technologies & Emerging Business Models: I grouped these two together because new technologies tend to drive new business models;
  • Consumer shifts;
  • Reference Guide;
  • A dataset is published below that includes a changelog to my published slideshares and forward guidance I publish with respect to the future.

MAJOR UPDATE:  I am working on a much more comprehensive set of business cycle predictions and will be updating that slideshare soon.  I hope to have it published by January 1 2024.  Check back here after that or I will send out an email notification to subscribers.  Subscribe from the page footer. 

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