This is a Quora question I was asked to answer.  My answer as follows.

If I read this correctly, you are asking what is the go-to-market retail strategy for a consumer goods company with snack products.

Without knowing anything else, I always suggest starting with direct-to-consumer via online to test the product, its copy, images, taglines, etc. This gives you a basis for knowing what works and what does not. Assuming you find what works, you can build on that selling online to create a track record, revenue and cash flow.

Following the DTC build, retail follows, where you can use the online to continue driving online sales and support retail.

I generally suggest starting in low-risk retail – very small chains or single location resellers. Use what you learned selling DTC to design packaging for retail and in-store advertising. Work with the store on placement and monitor carefully to see what works and what does not. Build a track record for what works before going to larger chains.

Use your online advertising to continue to drive sales online but do so targeting the geographic area where the retail rollout is happening and tag those retailers in your ads. You want to continue to drive sales online because that is more profitable than retail, but if you also tag the retailer, customers may opt to buy there instead.

To reduce cannibalization of online to retail or vice versa, focus selling online in higher volumes only (minimum purchase if 6 units, for example), and retail is for singles or lower volumes.