I get this question fairly consistently.

And it could be any of a number of issues.

But the biggest ones I see come down to the following areas:


Have you created a “WOW” product that is easily differentiated from the competition that causes customers to make repeat purchases and tell their friends about?  Products like these sell themselves.


Do you know exactly and intimately who your ideal customer is, and their wants/desires and needs/pain?  Does your product satisfy them perfectly?

In my experience, many problems in sales stem from the above two.  Fix those two and everything else becomes easier.  Don’t fix them, and doing anything else to fix online sales problems almost won’t matter.


Is your product priced based on the features, benefits and outcomes it delivers such that customers are happy to pay it?  Goes back to “WOW”.  Create something truly amazing and they price is less of barrier to sales


Is your website built properly to maximize sales?


Do you have effective marketing copy in your ads, website and packaging to sell your product?

In my experience, copy is as important as product and customer.  Writing good copy is hard and time consuming and can be expensive if you hire a copywriter, but absolutely worth it.


Are you targeting your ad buys correctly to your ideal customer?

Now, take the above list and reverse the order.

You get a path from marketing to customer purchase/repurchase:

  • Ideal customer sees your marketing;
  • Clicks to your product landing page;
  • Reads the copy;
  • Looks at the price;
  • Makes a purchase;
  • Gets the product;
  • Uses it;
  • Loves it!
  • Repurchases;
  • Gives you a great review;
  • Tells others about it.

So, where is the problem with your online sales?  Start with where it falls apart the most in this flow and fix that.  Then move to the next biggest point of failure.