I want to create a premium accessories brand. Our products will be hand made from the highest quality materials. I have already created the designs of the products, but I wanted to hear about the different ways of creating a brand and standing out?

This is a Quora question I was asked and here is my answer.

I think you mean creating a marketing image.

A brand happens over time. As you sell products that deliver on a customer’s needs/wants, you gain a level of trust in the marketplace that leads to continued sales and a positive reputation, so that when a customer thinks of your brand, they have positive feelings about it,

You create an effective marketing image (logos, color pallets, designs, etc) by researching the competition so that in a side-by-side comparison to them, you would clearly “pop” against their logo, color pallet and designs.

You also research your target market and create buyer personas so that you better understand who your customer is and what type of marketing image they might best respond to.

But an effective image is not just logos and colors ad designs, but a professional looking website that is responsive across all devices, great customer service, and fast shipping, to name a few.

For example. If your products are premium, then you may be attracting a type of customer that looks for environmentally friendly production practices and packaging, so you have to deliver on that to create a premium brand.

A brand is really the sum of all the interactions a customer has with your company, both positive and negative, so you need to be comprehensive in all your interactions with your customer to build a good brand.