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Feature image:  Radio’s unparalleled reach.   This visual and additional ones contained in my Visual Dataset.

This is an interesting question with responses via the thread here.  If you truly can ride out volatility and corrections without need for the money, where would you be?  I’d look carefully at countries and regions with favorable demographics – Africa and the Middle East come to mind from previous research I have seen, and countries with such poor fundamentals at present – but incredible potential – that they can only go up.  Iran comes to mind.

I follow this perspective but not sure it holds much weight.  The digital asset ecosystem makes it easy to transfer assets between centralized and decentralized exchanges and wallets – 10 minutes time, tops, in my experience moving anywhere in the world.  As a result, “holders” of BTC in wallets can very easily send to an exchange to sell.  If we had the wire system like in the traditional fiat banking system, which is incredibly burdensome and makes it extremely difficulty to send money, then yes, I would place much more value on this perspective.

Excellent video here ($) covering a range of macro-level things and where we are headed in terms of technology and economies, which always lead where society goes:

  • Are we in a financial bubble?  Maybe not because we are not looking at the denominator correctly (look at central bank balance sheet).
  • Why digital assets is the only asset class exceeding wealth protection relative to money creation (real estate and precious metals have just maintained so far, not exceeded).
  • Just looking at the fundamentals and people do not yet get exponential growth and the sectors that are benefiting from it.
  • Why does the market not seem to care with global financial shocks that should be causing tremendous calamity for us (Pandemic Shock, Archegos Shock)?
  • Where are the investment losers – relative to central bank balance sheet creation? They are all around us.  Just use the right denominator to compare.
  • Why does everyone hate Kathy Woods and is she crazy?  Short answer – because she is successful, right so far and she is probably not crazy with her projections.
  • Central banks talking about coordinated corporate tax rates, more monetary coordination, and central bank digital currencies is enormous…even if they are just talking about it right now, at some level it will happen and this has huge implication for us as investors.