Social and Environmental Organizations

My content comes from my own decades of work developing, launching and growing companies and takes time to create and publish.

I do not charge for my content but do have a request.

If you get value from my work, please consider actions that support social and environmental goals.

Hire Freelancers From Abroad

Hire freelancers from countries that are less developed than the US (where I am based) and other developed countries. 

Sending our currency there through freelance work helps individuals, families and communities not just with money but also by helping provide jobs. 

Many of these countries do not enjoy the standard of living that we take for granted in developed countries. And many are not able to cope like we can with natural disasters, economic challenges and other geopolitical challenges. 

Use platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to post jobs and find people.  

Refugee Services

Conflicts and climate events create huge need for services to help displaced people. Organizations below have high ratings from charity watch services and serve needs that are important to me. Donate directly on their website from the links below.

  • Alight strives to ensure that refugees and displaced people are protected, empowered, and welcomed in their communities.
  • Doctors Without Borders provide critical, medical support to refugees in the most severe humanitarian crises.
  • International Rescue Committee delivers life-saving services and aid to refugees and asylum-seekers in humanitarian crises.
  • Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service delivers legal and social services to refugees and asylum-seekers of all ages.
  • RefugePoint aims to create long-term solutions for refugees in need. They achieve this by addressing social and economic issues that hinder refugees from accessing necessary services and care, such as shelter and medical assistance.
  • Save the Children aims to safeguard children through educational, health, and security programs.

Carbon Offsets

The first step in offsetting our carbon footprint is to know what that number is for each one of us, which alone might help us start to make personal decisions that help reduce those emissions.

There are many carbon footprint calculators; click here for a google search

There are many programs to contribute in order to offset our carbon footprint; click here for a google search to learn more about top programs and ones that resonate with you.