This is a Quora question to sell goods in a luxury segment I was asked to answer.  My answer is as follows.

Are you selling your own products that you created and own to consumers, or are you reselling other luxury products via a wholesale basis? I think the answer depends on which avenue you are pursuing.

When I review my marketing framework, I think the first to consider is the pain/needs that your product(s) satisfy. Luxury products are much more likely to appeal to the pain/needs of a prospect’s ego and image of themselves. So appealing to this takes a carefully crafted and polished brand via products, packaging, logo/color schemes, and website.

Next is to consider the type of marketing – direct marketing, brand marketing or grass roots marketing. I don’t think it is direct marketing at all, but brand marketing through a carefully crafted image. But I feel like you could also incorporate grass roots marketing and stand for something that might help set you apart.

Next, consider which marketing channels might work best based on the above. When I review my list, I think it is marketing through influencers and association with events that already have a luxury appeal. Luxury is so much about image so you want to try and tie your product to an existing person, event or other product that is already about luxury.

Consider using scarcity to increase appeal and the image of luxury. If everyone can purchase it, then it diminishes the appeal.

If you are reselling luxury products, I think it comes down to picking the right luxury products and targeting your marketing properly with effective creative the conveys luxury.

For digital marketing channels as a reseller, I would use organic SEO and social paid ads and content marketing to boost organic SEO.

For analog marketing (offline), maybe events and sponsorships.