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Feature image:  Housing is seriously undersupplied in the US.   This visual and additional ones contained in my Visual Dataset.

Another chart below on how low the inventory is for housing for sale in the US.  I am feeling this pain acutely, as I recently relocated my mom from California to Colorado and looking to buy her a house.  The competition is fierce and offers are going way above asking.   A good market to sell (which we did in California), but a really bad market to be buying (especially in Colorado, which is extra hot at present).

Really interesting charts on commodities valuation relative to long term.  But before we go out and make commodity bets, read Commodities Supercycle Looks Like a Stretch

I culled my investment list recently from older prospects.  The list is pretty focused on Digital Assets and a few commodity plays.  Over the last 18 months, I have invested heavily into Digital Assets, and everything else has slowly dropped off.  Since December, I have been exclusively here, although I recently added some commodity plays and may add some other interesting prospects.  Not much else interests me at present.  I am not getting the return/risk profiles I want anywhere but in Digital Assets.  And the space looks to be a foregone conclusion to be a tectonic shift in much of our digital transactions.  Blockchain is simply cheaper, better, faster technology, which will eventually win out.

I am not working with any startups or looking to invest.  Digital Assets is offering me incredible return multiples with liquidity already and low risk of principal loss, so why invest in a startup?  Further, I have found that almost all startups I have come across that I could realistically invest in are not good prospects.  Quite simply, I am not an A list investor (nor a B, C D…), so I do not have access to really good deals.  Better to spend my time where I am getting the return, and Digital Assets is where its all at at present. I am also finding that even good startup investment rely on liner growth, not exponential, which I am getting via digital assets.

That’s not to say there is not risk in Digital Assets.  There is and I think it is building in ways we do not fully understand, But the risk/return profiles seem outsized and we are fools not to participate.  Risk in Digital Assets is an area that I am currently doing a deeper dive into and hopefully I can understand it and hedge myself properly.  It truly is the wild west in this sector right now.

I added Carbon Credits as an investment theme, which looks really interesting as a growth category.