Feature image:  Something definietly amiss with the U.S. electoral college system.    This visual and additional ones contained in my Visual Dataset.

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Sobering post about current overvaluation in the markets with great data.

I came across this nice example of network effects and tipping points when they go exponential.  If you are building a company with network effects or investing in one, have enough runway (funding) to get to that tipping point, and/or invest before the tipping point.   The challenge is when that tipping point happens.  I am sure there is some research somewhere about what that is or could be for any network effect startup.

Nice backstory here into MicroStrategy’s huge investment of cash into BTC and why.  The Upshot is the printing of cash from governments and inflation means that the only way to store and maintain value is to invest in scarce assets that are hard or impossible to create more of.  See this video for more.

It is that time of year when we see predictions and outlooks for 2021.  This one is most interesting because it talks about the elephants in the room that can dictate what really happens. The biggest elephant is the giant household savings bubble that have built in the last year and what consumers decide to do with that down the line.