I like Seth Godin’s blog.  He put up a recent post about how he broke his nose walking into a glass door.  While I have yet to do that (break my nose, that is), I can certainly sympathize because I seem to always find many ways to hurt myself.  My problem is that I tend to rush through getting things done, plus I may not be paying as close attention as I should.  Hence, I end up doing something stupid, like tripping over the grocery bag walking in the house (last week), slicing my finger (every week, it seems) or stubbing my toe (this morning).

That got me thinking: I really am my own worst enemy, and I suspect the same is probably the case for other people as well.  And the problem is that being our own worst enemy, we create our own stress.

What throws you off and creates your stress? Be honest, is it a result of your actions, in-actions, bad decisions? How are you your own worst enemy?  What can you do today to change that, however small the change?