I have an extensive toolset for growing brand awareness, revenue and distribution.
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I have an extensive toolset for understanding, strategically positioning for, and tactically operating in web3.
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I’ve had for some time the idea to create a consumer brand for pemmican products and want to try bring this idea to reality.  I am starting with almost a clean sheet, with only some ideas for the business and some rudimentary product formulations that I have slowly been playing with for a while.

The idea is initially for my own needs, which is to create a line of products with the following benefits:

  • Shelf-stable;
  • Highly nutritious with the best quality ingredients available;
  • Approved for ketogenic and carnivore diets/lifestyles;
  • Induces satiety with long-lasting energy and low glycemic load;
  • Great tasting;
  • Ready-to-eat snack or meal
  • Travel friendly where it is easy to grab and go.

Since I have these needs, I think odds are others do as well, which is why I want to try and create a business out of producing and selling these products.

I will use my Growth Stack roadmap and my Lean & Agile Framework to help me develop, launch and grow this consumer product company. I have published these tools online to teach others in my startup incubator.

I am documenting this effort via posts on my website so that other startups can follow along and see how I do it.  And I will be referencing the Growth Stack and the Lean & Agile Framework in my posts so that startups who are members of my incubator can access that information.  If you are a startup or even just have an idea for a consumer product, please join here, as it is free for consumer product startups.

I will move along as diligently as I can with this project. But since it is not the only thing I work on, it will likely progress in a step-fashion rather than a liner fashion.

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