I want to do a quick post here on marketing in words and the power of words.

For my pet business we’ve had a newsletter a monthly newsletter for a long time.

It’s both in digital version and in print version.

We’ve always named it newsletter and it goes out once a month. But over time, we’ve really improved it. We’ve put processes in place to add a lot more content. And it’s kind of been getting bigger and bigger, which is good. We’ve got good feedback on it. We’ve got generally good click through and read metrics, and people comment about it to us.

So, it’s really become less of a newsletter and more like a magazine, because it goes out once a month. There’s a lot of content in it now. So we’re really want to call it what it is, which is a “magazine” versus a “newsletter”.

We’ve also noticed that “newsletter” is used widely. It’s used everywhere. It does not really carry much weight or impact like it might have in the past.

Because a lot of emails can be very short and be called a newsletter or they can be like ours with a lot of content that is also called a newsletter, so we think that magazine actually is the best way to migrate in what we call it. I think we are calling it what it really is. And it’s a more powerful marketing word. So, I’m always trying to think of words and their meaning in terms of marketing impact.

I do research on words and see what the marketplace is thinking about it and how it’s used. So I try to incorporate words that will make for more powerful marketing impact.

There is one resource that I have in Section Six – Marketing of of my Lean and Agile Framework.  I’ve got a whole bunch of resources but one in particular is 355 power words from marketing.

So, I am making that available as a  PDF download.  Download it here: https://eddiesoehnel.com/355MarketingPowerWords