I have an extensive toolset for growing brand awareness, revenue and distribution.
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I have an extensive toolset for understanding, strategically positioning for, and tactically operating in web3.
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Tips in this video:

  1. The best source I have found for learning internet marketing of information products is Russell Brunson;
  2. Get bearings by finding out the current best-selling competitors on the market – try Clickbank:
  3. Check them out at a high level to get idea of their pricing, offering and landing page setup so you know what you will need to do (model what is working);
  4. Do keyword search to find out what customers are doing to find these products – use SimilarWeb and;
  5. The initial focus is to sell the product will probably be on targeting niche markets – keywords with range of 50 to 500 searches/month. Expand to bigger markets later on.
  6. Next step is a detailed review of top competitors profiled, including purchasing their products, documenting their sales pages and process, and dissecting their product offering.  The goal is to model their sales approach (because it is working) and at least match and hopefully exceed their offering.