The book Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money by Woody Tasch, is full of great facts and information used to bolster the author’s argument, which is the need to re-deploy our investment dollars into natural, organic, and sustainable farm and food enterprises that support local economies and food systems. The book accomplished that goal quite nicely.

I found the author’s writing style difficult to follow because I was never quite sure where he was going. However, the author is an excellent writer with a great sense for use of the right words to make his point. And, no doubt he is very well-read, owing to the many references to various other materials that he cites.

I was hoping to read more about specific and concrete ways where we can re-deploy investment dollars that make sense for investors. As a serial entrepreneur in the food space and a strong believer in natural, organic and unprocessed foods, that is of great interest to me. He seemed to gloss over that towards the end with some general brainstorming that I think anyone can do in an afternoon. But maybe that was not the point of the book. Maybe the point was to convince us of his argument, mentioned above, so that we can collectively work on ways to make it happen.

I like the book and rate it three out of five stars and would recommend it. For those interested in the author’s (and other’s) efforts to implement what is talked about in the book, take a look at Slow Money