This post includes Basecamp InQb8r Platform Status & Updates from February 15-28, 2020

Feature image: retail store closures spiked in 2019. This visual and additional content about it is contained in the Visual Dataset.

Platform Updates Summary

The Coronavirus affects are really starting to snowball domestically in the U.S.  Please take the quick survey below.

We’ve not yet directly seen it ourselves in slowing business or supply chain disruption, but that may change in the next few weeks.  We are seeing cancellations in travel and trade shows, one which we were going to attend but due to the cancellations from retailers and others we were going to meet, it no longer made sense to attend.  How is it affecting you?

There are some great articles and industry research we found and posted to the Knowledgebase; please see those links below.

We also have had a great guide to writing marketing copy but found it was never posted to the University section.  It is there now.

Survey on the Coronavirus Effects

We’re doing a quick survey.

New Articles

Basecamp InQb8r Platform

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University Updates

All updates are recorded in the Changelog:

  • Section 7, Resellers: Evolution of Retail – added this as a new section at top of document and how vendors need to start to adapt to this very important and strategic change going on with respect to retail.
  • Section 6, Marketing: Marketing creative & copy – added “The Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting (or, Every Copywriting Formula Ever)”. This is the best guide we’ve seen on copywriting techniques and have had it a number of years and use it all the time, but somehow did not include it in the Framework.

Knowledgeboard Updates

New submissions:

Data Platform Updates

  • We are continually adding in new records based on our research.

Calendar Updates

See Calendar for details.

  • Open office hours scheduled as follows:
    • Thursday, March 12, 10:00 am.

Other Items Worth Sharing

The following visuals and additional content about them are contained in the Visual Dataset

None this period.