Feature image:  Same story playing out again.  Linear TV decline now vs print advertising decline.  This visual and additional content about it is contained in the Visual Dataset.

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Section 1, Strategy:  Risk Analysis –  I consolidated my tools for solving problems and making decisions into the risk analysis document and renamed accordingly

Section 1, Strategy:  Analyzing Risk, Solving Problems, Making Decisions, Managing Distractions –  Added notes from book How to Decide

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This is an important statement on why biotechnology is important to follow and invest in. It is becoming fundamental to all innovation. Let this statement sink in.: “I think an important point is that when people think about biology, they think about their bodies they think about the foods that we eat maybe they’re starting to think about materials, but biology is just fundamentally advanced molecular nanotechnology, that is our best way to program matter. And if you think about how the technology is going to evolve over, you know the centuries to come. The successor to biology is going to enable us to manipulate the entire physical world at the atomic level. That’s what biology is. “ Time stamp: 31:30 , via Bio Eats World podcast

Success in trading commodities cycles in big waves.  Are we getting ready for the next big wave up?  See chart below.

Boeing and Simon Property are clearly leaders that represent the pre-COVID economy. I watch them for any early indications that they might be have some positive momentum.  So far, I am not touching them, but when I see moves like that which I published in this update, they might be setting themselves up for a real turnaround in the future.

I think BTC is a good storage of value and potential investment at present for the following reasons: (1)  it is secure and easily transferrable; (2)  there is an early-adopter base that has invested for the long term to counter fiat currency printing.  Given these two advantages, smart money appears to be coming in, and there are moves by big names recently (Square, Paypal, Kraken Exchange) to bring it more mainstream for the retail investor and the public.  It feels like the early stages represented well in this investment wave graphic below.

I get the feeling just from anecdotal conversations and general reading that we might have a good consumer spend this holiday season.  Lots of pent up demand to spend, some more certainty post election, optimistic that stimulus talks will restart, and continued positive developments around a vaccine.  People may be getting into a better mood and ready to spend.  This may bode well for the usual e-commerce trades that have been thriving all year.

Read this recently from investment writer I subscribe to and I feel the same way:  “not afraid of losses, but afraid of missing out on gains”

Added climate tech to my narratives/watch list with a list of standout startups in the following sub-categories:  Transportation, Food, agriculture, forestry, and land use,  Energy and efficiency,   Heavy industry and materials.

Illumina (ILMN) and its recent acquisition of Grail got all the attention but Pacific Biosciences’ (PACB)  technology may be the next generation winner.

It may be the time to get into TAN (Solar-Wind ETF).  But short term might be some headwinds

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