Feature image:  ETH track compared to BTC – are we in for a repeat?    This visual and additional ones contained in my Visual Dataset.

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Blockbuster Investments

They seem to be appearing all around us – not the kind in private investing, where there is significant risk and no liquidity for years.  There are liquid investments with potentially shorter time periods.

In 2017 I saw the parabolic rise of BTC – $5 invested  in 2009 could have returned$5+ million. That got me doing serious thinking about finding similar blockbuster investments where a little could return a lot.

  • TSLA was quite a ride.
  • Digital assets – crytocurrencies and tokens – which still as of now seem to be a blockbuster unfolding.
  • Biotechnology looks promising.
  • The recent GME explosion is another example.   The chance to turn $1000 into a $1 mm in a very short period of time is extraordinary.
  • How about turning $3K  into $100,000 in less than 12 months via this stock.

I think we have entered an age where blockbuster investing via liquid, publicly available investments with short time horizons is upon us.  All brought on by connectivity via technology and the fragmentation of ways in which people can participate with small amounts of money, coupled with the massive liquidity being injected globally by central banks.

Risky, for sure, but you don’t need a lot to play.

This is a good video offering thoughts and perspectives on bubbles in the markets ($)