This post includes LEARNINGS, GROWTH SECRETS and INVESTMENT IDEAS.  See previous updates here.

Feature image:  Innovation cycles.  This visual and additional ones contained in my Visual Dataset.

I added online betting as an investment theme recently and will be adding prospects to the database.

I will be adding Facebook as investment prospect, given their direction towards metaverse development, which is already an investment theme.

I am not in a rush at present to deploy cash to the above two investment themes, as the market might experience a correction soon and I might as well wait to see if I can get in at a lower price.  If not, then I will deploy capital in September or so.

I deployed some extra cash recently in digital assets to scoop up more tokens that had corrected recently, so I was really happy about that.

This is interesting…what does Palantir know that we do not?  Palantir Buys Gold Bars as Hedge Against ‘Black Swan Event’

I’ve added a section under risk about critical states, what they are, and a process for preventing their occurrence.  See my main risk document here.  I am employing this process for me personally and my businesses and it has turned out to be quite illuminating and a very much organizing effect to help me identify what aspects of my personal and professional life are closer or at risk of critical state and what to do to pull myself back from there.