This post includes LEARNINGS, GROWTH SECRETS and INVESTMENT IDEAS.  See previous updates here.

Feature image:  Amazing growth rate, even with the major corrections and “crypto winter” periods.  This visual and additional ones contained in my Visual Dataset.

The digital assets space is based on the blockchain protocol, which is a technology that is simply faster, better, cheaper, easier, more convenient, more secure, and open source.  And its application is can be utilized far beyond just financial transactions.  Technology with these characteristics always…eventually wins.  Keep that in mind when experiencing the dramatic volatility and the dips and corrections.

That said, there are still limited use cases for it.  I count the following:

  • Digital gold – money transfer/store of value
  • DeFi – borrowing and lending, but mostly for trading, any maybe borrowing for fiat

Note that it seems to be the above two comprise most of the current use case for investing in crypto. Other nascent use cases:

  • NFT’s
  • Fans and communities
  • Insurance pools
  • Supply chain verification.

Lots of promise for sure, but the space is very early and tons of volatility.