Massively Transformative Era (MTE) Prediction Framework for Consumer Brands


I research and understand technology trends in the context of cultural, societal, and geopolitical factors to gain clarity about the future and position myself for success. From this work I have published a slideshare with forward guidance, predictions and action plans to help consumer brands and industry participants position themselves for success in the 2025-2045 era. I foresee great opportunities for gain during this time period, but also serious challenges and downsides that we will have to navigate, all of which I try to cover.

This time frame, which I call the Massively Transformative Era (MTE), will usher in enormous changes, the likes we have never experienced before. These changes are being driven by tremendous technological gains that are moving at unprecedented speed, which I see as enormously beneficial. I map out those technologies, when they will commercialize and what brands need to do to prepare.

But at the same time, we face significant challenges – climate change, resource constraints, conflict, wars, polarization, deglobalization, economic pressures, failing demographics – all occurring simultaneously that is unprecedented in all of human history. How do we not just survive but thrive through these challenges? I attempt to answer these questions in my slideshare with action plans and tools that help consumer brands and industry participants navigate the future.

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