NFT Strategy and Assets

My goal is to invest in NFTs based on the following guidelines that are important to me.

Social Tokens

  • Community-level tokens that I like, in which I want to participate, and where I can help build the community that reflect what I want for the community and my identity within the community;
  • And, that builds value that I can profit from over time, such as through revenue-share from community, if available, by borrowing against the value of the NFT to leverage that value into something else,  or to sell the NFT at an appreciated value in the future.

Subscriber Tokens

  • Community I subscribe to (usually on a paid level) that delivers benefits to me, such as knowledge or access to events or people.

NFT With Commercial Rights Reserved To Token Holders

  • The NFT asset has commercial rights, giving owners the right to do anything they want with the NFT, such as building a brand around it that extends into product/services or other offerings for which others would pay. 

Wearable NFT

  • A digital wearable from a brand I like that can be utilized on avatars in the metaverse or which might appreciate in value allowing me to by borrow against the value of the NFT to leverage that value into something else,  or to sell the NFT at an appreciated value in the future.

Art-based NFT 

  • AN NFT that represents a digital piece of art that I enjoy owning or whose value might appreciate allow me to borrow against the value of the NFT to leverage that value into something else, or to sell the NFT at an appreciated value in the future. 

Citizen Science Projects

  • An NFT that is minted to represent and authenticate a item, like an image or research piece, from work performed by citizen scientists to help advance our knowledge, understanding and appreciation for science. 
  • I think the structure of the NFT and their respective platforms for exchange are not just to buy and sell assets for monetary gain and to prove ownership, but can also be used to help advance any kind of social good. 

NFT To Prove Ownership of Physical Items 

  • An NFT tied to a physical item which serves as its certificate of authenticity (COA), which also means the NFT, along with its physical item, can easily be listed for sale via web3 platforms. 

NFT of Objects and Real Estate in Metaverse Platforms 

  • An NFT that represents ownership of an item or a piece of land in a metaverse platform.  


  • These are NFTs issued to demonstrate proof of active participation (POAP), such as attending an event or performing an action, whether online or offline.
  • POAP’s may not have much value that can be sold be help confer identity and additional benefits from performing actions. 

Other NFTs 

  • Such as NFT domains.

The following represents NFTs I currently own

The Wanderverse

NFT Investment Category:  Social Tokens

This project is a mix of NFT assets minted to owners around a sci fi story that is being built as time goes by, with participation from the NFT owners.  I jumped into this project early because I liked the initial story, the creative team, and the potential for me as an NFT owner to participate in the development.

Wanderer 3170

The Wanderverse Project

This is the first NFT minted by the project.

Planet Pass 6464

The Wanderverse Project

This is a follow-on NFT minted by the project airdropped to holders of a Wanderer.

Wandernaut 4034

The Wanderverse Project

This is a follow-on NFT minted by the project airdropped to holders of a Wanderer.

2022 First issue of WanderLetter POAP

The Wanderverse Project

2022 Wanderverse Crypto Crash POAP

The Wanderverse Project

2022 Wandernaut Mint Retweet POAP

The Wanderverse Project

2022 Wanderverse Casting Call POAP

The Wanderverse Project

2021 Online Wanderverse Event POAP

The Wanderverse Project


NFT Investment Category:  NFT of Objects and Real Estate in Metaverse Platforms

This project is a digital overlay of the entire Earth, with plots that people can purchase that represent the digital overlay of the physical location on the planet.  I liked the project’s concept in that it is simple and is an augmented reality (AR) overlay of our existing physical planet and existence, and not a new virtual reality world.  I am bullish on AR overlaid onto our physical location via eye wear (glasses or contact lens inserts), so I think the Superworld platform makes sense.

Walmart Store #2152, Albany, NY

The value of owning digital real estate in Superworld is control of and revenue from anything that happens within the plot you own, just like in real world.  High traffic locations make sense from an advertising perspective.  Airports, sport venues and the like were all bought up, so I looked next at locations that get the same if not more traffic on a weekly basis, which happens to be mass market retail and that I know very well from past work.  I purchased the digital land representing the largest Wal Mart in the world, located in Albany New York, and part of the Cross Roads Mall. If Superworld is able to realize its vision, owning these plots could represent good revenue in the future.

Columbine Point, Snow Mountain Ranch, Tabernash, CO

I purchased this plot not for any future value appreciation or revenue potential, but just because it is the location where I was married in the YMCA property that I visit frequently to enjoy the outdoors of Colorado.

Real Vision Crypto

NFT Investment Category:  Subscriber Tokens

Real Vision is a subscriber-based macro investment knowledge-based platform that setup a subscriber token for its focus on blockchain and Web 3.

 Token ID: 48393350718117196401

This is the image art for the NFT.

Token ID: 48393350718117196401

This is the video art for the NFT.

Sky Club

NFT Investment Category:  Subscriber Tokens

Sky Club Membership is part of the Jump Community, a web3 marketing group.

Token ID:  1142


NFT Investment Category:  POAP NFTs

Formless is Spotify For Web3

Token ID: 5857972

This is a POAP NFT issues to attendees of their online beta launch party.

NFT Domains

NFT Investment Category:  Other

I own multiple NFT domains similar to the domains that I own for web2. Every person and company should be grabbing NFT domains that they wish to own.  The difference is that when you buy an NFT domain, you own it permanently, unlike web2 domains where you have to pay subscription fees to maintain ownership, which means you never really own it.  Like any NFT, you can sell the NFT domains.

Other NFTs

NFT Investment Category:  Other

Token ID: 17888

This token and associated image art I claimed as part of access to an education course on NFTs. Details:  An open introductory course to NFTs and the Metaverse, delivered on-chain and in the metaverse. The University of Nicosia (UNIC) has been a leader in cryptocurrency education and research since 2014 when it taught the world’s first for-credit cryptocurrency course. This course is taught by UNIC faculty and @punk6529 – a deeply influential thinker on NFTs and the metaverse and one of the largest NFT collectors in the world, along with an incredible array of guest panelists and lecturers. The course is free to attend and you can register by minting the course NFT (free + gas).