Feature image:  Corn production costs over the last 20 years have doubled.  This visual and additional content about it is contained in the Visual Dataset.

Platform Summary

Online gaming is another product distribution channel with I have added to my distribution database.

I’ve come across some good resources recently on Generation Z, understanding them and marketing to them.  Links to that data in the Knowledgebase.

TikTok has mastered the ability he help content finds its audience. And that is the greater challenge across all products and content we consume. We have plenty of choices for what we want to consume, but finding it is the challenge, which is where curation through human work and machine algos is really the key to making sales.  They are a great platform and hopefully the cross-border political issues will resolve to continue to make the platform accessible.

There is increasing focus to allow consumers to receive shipment of e-commerce item at location and time of their choosing, including paperless returns.  Narvar is a leading service provider here.

Browsing e-commerce combines e-commerce with entertainment and companies in China have pioneered and lead this trend with great success. Keep an eye on this trend as it shifts to other markets in the world.

Preparations for delivering COVID vaccines are underway and will be an enormous logistical challenge to distribute the quantity and doses needed for the global population. Requirements include temperature control, which could require substantially more equipment to do this. What will be the effects of this on consumer distribution channels? Will there be disruption in distribution of other product lines like we saw especially with Amazon earlier in the year? Will new products have to be delayed for entry into distribution channels? Will consumer discretionary products be sidelined in favor of vaccine distribution (along with consumer staples distribution)?

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