This post includes Basecamp InQb8r Platform Status & Updates from September 15-30, 2019

Feature image: U.S. population by generation; click to learn a potentially unique way of marketing to Generation Z

Application Status

  • The Basecamp InQb8r platform is live and taking applications.

Startups added

Articles Published

Basecamp InQb8r Platform

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University Updates

All updates are recorded in the Changelog:

  • Added to Section 6 and Section 7 a great sales resource that I have found to be the best out there for one-on-one selling.  See The Science of Selling.
  • Added link to instructions for searching for and securing wordmarks for company or product names to Section 3 and Section 8
  • Added a master retail list spreadsheet file as a reference source in Section 7.

Knowledgeboard Updates

New submissions:

Data Platform Updates

New submissions.

  • Startup Database – we have temporarily removed the data from view by members as we make improvements to the database object.  We expect to have it completed by October 15 2019.
  • Consumer Product Startup Category Leaders – A proprietary list of notable CPG, direct to consumer and consumer product category leaders that we have assembled from multiple sources and our own research. If you want to identify what are considered the startup leaders in your category to follow and model after, use this list.

Calendar Updates

  • Upcoming open office hour dates on October 10 and October 24. See the Calendar Page for details.
  • GrowMyFoodBrand – a free 7 day online training that will help you learn the business side of running a successful food company. Get your ticket to access this event before September 23