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I have a number of posts to the Knowledgeboard on inflation (going up), normalization of consumer purchases across channels (when?), supply chain issues in meat processing (affects me a lot), and whipsawing business operations (will continue).

But I foresee major second and third order disruptions with this new technology, even though it is a still a along way off.

There was a recent Neuralink chip-in-your-brain technology update, which is expected to be available within two decades.

Weight loss products, pain meds, antidepressants…possibly all obsolete for people that have a chip-in-your-brain.

Entire medical sectors might be rewritten – weight loss docs, psychologists, therapists, counselors.

And eating habits would probably change drastically – all those carbohydrate and bad-fat laden foods might see a smaller market.

Its technologies like this that can alter major industries. That is why it is a good idea to keep track of trends and technologies to help prevent getting disrupted yourself

A few other thoughts on what kind of future products will come out of the chip-in-your head.

The chip itself – the hardware- would actually improve over time through data collected on you, which with more data, means better algorithms to do exactly what your brain needs, not to mention data collected and aggregated from millions of other people, which can be used to also help you.

I can imagine a revenue model is chip cost plus installation, but maybe subscription model that is like a car lease – you upgrade the hardware every few years, or subscription model that provides you with more customized algos to your needs and specific brain structure.

What other products would this chip-in-your-head spawn? I can imagine a whole new class of software development to create algos and programs that do specific things in your head. Who is best positioned to do this now? What should entrepreneurs be doing now to be able to take advantage of this chip-in-the-head when fully realized? I have updated these ideas to my Trends dataset and my business ideas dataset.

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