This post includes Basecamp InQb8r Platform Status & Updates from September 1-14, 2019

Feature image: a graphic to help explain the use of the Growth Stack roadmap in a startup

Application Status

  • The Basecamp InQb8r platform is live and taking applications. I have completed the move from my personal website and built out the platform with additional functionality and taken it out of beta.   For those of you that have subscribed to be notified when the platform is active,  please click here here for more information about Basecamp InQb8r, which has links to the application page.

Startups added

Articles Published

Basecamp InQb8r Platform

Basecamp InQb8r members must be logged in to access the links below.  The platform is completely operational and I have taken one startup through my process for onboarding.

University Updates

All updates are recorded in the Changelog:

Knowledgeboard Updates

New submissions:

Data Platform Updates

New submissions.

Calendar Updates

  • Upcoming open office hour dates on October 10 and October 24. See the Calendar Page for details.
  • GrowMyFoodBrand – a free 7 day online training that will help you learn the business side of running a successful food company. Get your ticket to access this event before September 23