This post includes Basecamp InQb8r Platform Status & Updates from August 15-31, 2019

Feature image: the true story of retail closings is not what the mainstream media leads us to believe.

Application Status

  • I have largely completed the development and launch of the platform and am accepting and processing applications.

Startups added

  • I am currently processing applications and will make them public when I have a few completed.

Basecamp InQb8r Platform

August was a big month to get everything pulled together and have the platform operational:

  • The backend database for the Data Platform have been completed and are operational.
  • Graphic and layout fixes to the website are completed.
  • The backend dashboards for managing users and content is fully operational.
  • The video for the home page slider was captured by me in July from my farm.

I am now focused on dialing in my processes for applications, interviews, updating and improving the resource datasets, and other backend operations.  The website, since it is newly launched, has little, if any organic traffic and only what gets referred from my personal website.  I am expecting few applicants for awhile, which is fine with me as I want to bulletproof the platform and my processes.

University Updates

  • Added a graphic to help explain the Growth Stack and it’s use along a continuum of other metrics.

Knowledgeboard Updates

New submissions:

Data Platform Updates

  • Added more funding sources for Colorado

Calendar Updates

  • Dates added for open office hours. Members can pop in via the Zoom link.