This post includes Basecamp InQb8r Platform Status & Updates from August 1-14, 2019

Feature image:  a measure of inflation from everyday retail purchases at Walmart and Target.

Startups added

  • Not currently taking applications with the platform move and build out work.

University Updates

  • Tweaks and clarifications to the Growth Stack based on some feedback.

Knowledgeboard Updates

  • Finished transfer of information in from the last year, so the boards are now current with what I had been accumulating in notes and files.

Data Platform Updates

  • Imported all data into resources database for the state of Colorado, which I have been building on the side over the last year.

Basecamp InQb8r Platform Fixes

  • Completely moved the platform out of my personal website (where it was housed since its original launch in 2017) and onto its own domain.
  • Links, navigation, domains, SSL, captchas, etc.  will be checked/fixed in the next week.
  • Tweaking the application and the backend database and still have formatting fixes to the Knowledge Boards.