Feature image:  Since 2017, there has been a 40 basis-point average decrease in operating margins across retail, via Deloitte .  This visual and additional content about it is contained in the Visual Dataset.

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I came across a nice summary on innovation, called “The Art of Discovering Breakthrough”. It is another look at how to achieve uniqueness and competitive advantage.

Technology is fundamental to every company, and I spend a lot of time studying and keeping current with it.  See this report I came across recently that highlights progress in certain areas of technology.  Review it to see if there are opportunities in technology that might enhance success for you,  and conversely, manifest threats that might lead to failure.

If you want to see the specific technologies I follow for, please see the Leverage Technology section of this page on my website.

And if you want to discuss any of these technologies and how to leverage for your business, please pop in during any of my open office hours. See Calendar for details (members only).

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  • Section 1,  Strategy,  Characteristics of great products, and Section 3, Competitive Advantages:  added research that summarizes areas where a company can achieve uniqueness, differentiation and competitive advantage.
  • Section 2,  Systems,  Marketing: removed Elliot.com as -ecommerce solution as they went out of business.

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