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Marketing and sales channels can be crowded with many advertisers.  It is always good practice to try and advertise in those channels that are least crowded.  For example, social digital is always popular and crowded, but remnant TV spots in local markets may not, and it can be surprisingly inexpensive and effective to reach target markets using this channel.  Don’t do what everyone else does, unless it is really working for you.

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  • Section 3, Product Development:  Industry, Market Conditions, Competitor & Retail Research – added link to Facebook Ad Library for competitive research
  • Section 1, Strategy:  Stakeholder Matrix – added this is a section.
  • Section 6, Marketing:  Marketing Strategy vs Tactics vs Ideas – added an article and spreadsheet model to determine success of product sampling in e-commerce
  • Section 6 Marketing:  Marketing Channels – one thing to ask yourself always when considering tactics and ideas: what is the least crowded channel? Consider using it over a crowded channel where everyone else is on.

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