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Platform Updates Summary

A big shift has happened in the world of direct to consumer startups.  It started with the WeWork debacle (not a consumer product company, but it was the catalyst), then moved laterally into consumer products through high profile disasters including the Peloton IPO, Walmart’s selling off of the DTC darlings it purchased a few years back,  and finally last week, the Casper IPO and the Harry’s FTC knockout.

In a nutshell, investors were throwing money at startups through the last decade at a grow at all costs gamble, and it did not work.  Now, we see so many venture funded startups that raised too much money and wasted it on poor management decisions, with little options to grow, become profitable, find a buyer or IPO. The big shift is now suddenly, investors are interested in fundamentals and sound business management.

This reminded me of the exact shift I went through 20 years ago.  Back then, I was raising money for a technology startup that had great growth and no profits.  It was mid-April, and I was in New York meeting with investors. We had strong interest going into the meetings.  It was also the same week that the technology boom on Wall Street came crashing down.  Not only did I have some meetings cancel that week, but the following week, no longer was anyone interested in funding us.

That is how fast things can change if you try to ride trends and not focus on fundamentals.  If you catch it right, like a few startups have done such as Dollar Shave Club, you are golden, but that takes a lot more luck than skill.

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University Updates

All updates are recorded in the Changelog:

  • Section 5,  Production & Logistics:  Supply Chain Risk Management Tool – added this is a new section.
  • Section 1, Strategy: Risk Analysis – added Inversion.
  • Section 1, Strategy: Managing decisions and distractions – added link to cognitive bias infographic.
  • Section 7 Resellers: Research – added reference for obtaining in-store shopper data, if possible, and a new vendor that does this added to the Vendors Dataset.

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Data Platform Updates

  • We are continually adding in new records based on our research.

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    • Thursday February 27, 10 am MST

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