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Platform Summary

Energy Storage Potential

We should see incredible innovation in the next 10 years in energy storage, with growth at 100 times current capacity over that same time frame., followed by massive deployment worldwide. See this report for more details.  Innovation in energy storage will usher in massive change and wealth potential. Start thinking now how you, your company, and future companies you might take advantage of this.

The business model is always the problem

We have the technology to solve so many of our problems across many sectors and industries.

The problem lies with the business model – where customers will happily pay for the product/service at a cost that they can afford.

In life science healthcare, for example, sequencing, computing power and AI are required on a massive scale to analyze and generate meaningful results, but throwing mass is too costly.

Disruptive innovation here will come from companies that are able to reduce the size and requirements of these resources to cost-effectively generate meaningful results.

And you cannot expect Medicare or insurance to pay because the argument to pay now to reduce costs later does not work.

So the innovation here is reducing production costs and going direct to consumer to self-pay for these healthcare diagnostic tests.

Eventually Medicare and insurance will catchup and pay for this testing, when, through DTC sales now, production goes up, which through economies of scale, costs go down, which will then make the testing more affordable (See Wrights Law).

You can see the same problem in recycling and using sustainable products and packaging, in buying higher quality foods, electric vehicles…consumers like the idea of high quality and protecting the environment, but when it comes to paying more, most will not. Innovation has to be applied to reduce costs of these better products to cause consumers to switch.

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