This post includes Basecamp InQb8r Platform Status & Updates from January 15-31, 2020

Feature image: states projected to contract in the next six months. This visual and additional content about it is contained in the Visual Dataset.

Platform Updates Summary

Forget Demographics and Psychographics

I’d like to point readers to this important article.  How to find customers is less about targeting based on demographics and psychographics, and more about communities, microcommunites and  microgenres. How we are influenced to buy products is more about our relationships with others and communities and niches in which we belong.  Target your marketing based on that to reach your customers.

As I have thought for a long while now, the internet and connectivity is causing an explosion of communities and niches from which to find people to sell products for their needs and desires.  And in 2020 there are only 3 billion online.  It is estimated the remaining population on this planet will come online in the next 10-20 years, so imagine the opportunties this could mean for niche markets and targeting

Goals and Risk

We added to Section 1: Strategy, additional tools I came across recently that are helpful to me. One is a common framework for defining goals and the other is a risk analysis template.

Sitemap Page Improved

We improved the sitemap page by including a complete listing of all content available on Basecamp InQb8r and on  Both free and paywall content is included.  This way, users can do a keyword search from their browser’s find function for this page and/or browse through the content and click through to it.

More Datasets Added

There are a slew of new datasets added to the Data Platform. See below.  The underlying discipline that I apply heavily to everything I do in building a company – and in the content on Basecamp InQb8r – is data and data science.  Understanding data and how to use it is critical, especially in consumer products, and using more advanced forms of data science – machine learning and artificial intelligence – is becoming easier and easier.  You might want to peruse these data sets to see if anything pops out now or for the future.

That’s it for the summary. Details below.

New Articles

Basecamp InQb8r Platform

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University Updates

All updates are recorded in the Changelog:

  • Section 2, Systems:  added a Sales Pipeline Management SAAS product
  • Section 2,  Systems:  Customer Services – added technology AI solution as a note for reference.
  • Section 3, Product Development Industry, Market Conditions, Competitor & Retail Research – added a competitor research application.
  • Section 1,  Strategy,  Goals: added a common framework for defining goals.
  • Section 1, Strategy,  Risk Analysis: added this as a section with tools.

Knowledgeboard Updates

New submissions:

Data Platform Updates

We added new datasets:

  • External Datasets are data sources or specific datasets either publicly available or for purchase that may be useful for a consumer product company. The purpose of this dataset is to serve as a directory of potentially useful data sources that consumer product companies can use to help grow.
  • Workflows Dataset includes examples of or actual workflows used in data science projects for a consumer product company. The purpose of this dataset is to give examples of data analysis and data science workflows that a consumer product company can model to use in their company.
  • Data Science Use Cases includes data science use cases for data in a CPG or consumer product company. There are 2 ways to use it:
    • I include generic data sets and their business use by department or company division so you can see if they apply to your company and include them in your data strategy. The company field is blank for these records.
    • I track more specific data use cases practiced by other companies, with emphasis on what they are doing with more advanced data analysis, like using machine learning.
  • Vendor Dataset includes vendors with offerings that may be helpful for growing a consumer product company. Those on this list have more unique and differentiated offerings. This list is skewed towards vendors with data science related products and services.

Calendar Updates

See Calendar for details.

  • Open office hours scheduled as follows:
    • Thursday, February 13, 10 am.
    • Thursday, February 27, 10 am.

Other Items Worth Sharing

The following visuals and additional content about them are contained in the Visual Dataset